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Certificates of Deposit CDs

We offer CDs with varying maturities ranging from 6 to 60 months


You can receive your interest by check, have it deposited into any of your deposit accounts or have the interest deposited back into the CD


A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal

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Individual Retirement Accounts IRAs

An account to supplement other pension plans or social security income you anticipate in retirement


  • The Traditional and Roth IRA contribution limits are $5,000.00 for those under age 50. Persons age 50 and over can make additional catch up contributions of $1000.00, for a total contribution limit of $6,000.00. You can have both a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA in the same tax year, but you can’t exceed the contribution limit with your combined contributions to both accounts.
  • Roth IRAs – Individuals may contribute up to $4,000.00 per year if their modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is less than $120,000.00.


  • Traditional IRAs – Eligible savers may enjoy tax benefits during their income-producing years with a Traditional IRA, which is taxed at the then-current tax rate upon withdrawal
  • Roth IRAs – Are funded with after-tax dollars but grows and is distributed tax-free for qualified savers


$25.00 fee to close or transfer an IRA account