CFB Staff

Welcome Home! Our friendly and experienced staff treat you like family. We go the extra mile to get to know our customers and what’s important to them. Our staff is always available to answer questions and offer solutions. We are proud to support our customers and the communities they live in.


Name Title Location Contact
Kathleen Thuman President/CEO Maywood (308) 362-4226 Email
Kurt Kisker Vice President/CRA Officer Maywood (308) 362-4226 Email
Colleen Sellers Vice President/CFO Maywood (308) 362-4226 Email
Jon Hidy Branch President Trenton (308) 334-5236 Email
Rich Bernt Vice President Trenton (308) 334-5236 Email
Kim Cole Cashier Trenton (308) 334-5236 Email
Jodi Christensen Asst. Vice President Big Springs (308) 889-3681 Email
Ruby Timm Branch President/IT Officer Big Springs (308) 889-3681 Email
Curt Cook Branch President North Platte/Stapleton (308) 534-5502 Email
Megan Forgue Vice President/Human Resource Manager Maywood (308) 362-4226 Email


Name Title
Kathy Thuman Chairman
Paxton Forgue Director
Megan Forgue Director
Jon Hidy Director


Name Title Location Contact
Annette Fink Loan Administrator Maywood (308) 362-4226
Sharon Houser Head of Operations Maywood (308) 362-4226
Jann Clark Personal Banker Maywood (308) 362-4226
Troy Werkmeister Maywood Insurance Agency Maywood (308) 362-4226
Teresa Gardner Maywood Insurance Agency Maywood (308) 362-4226
Lacy Most Loan Processor Maywood (308) 362-4226
Beth McCroden Personal Banker Big Springs (308) 889-3681
Veronica Neal Personal Banker North Platte (308) 534-5502
Amberlee Martin Personal Banker Stapleton (308) 636-2233
Shelly Lovitt Personal Banker Stapleton (308) 636-2233
Sue Dietlein Personal Banker Big Springs (308) 889-3681
Mickie Florea Personal Banker Stapleton (308) 636-2233
Dani Jorgensen Personal Banker North Platte (308) 534-5502
Autumn Sabatka Customer Service Representative Trenton (308) 334-5236
Christina Coats Customer Service Representative Stapleton (308) 636-2233
Lisa Kinderknecht Assistant Branch Manager/Consumer Loan Officer Stapleton (308) 636-2233